This is what our customers typically achieve using PowerStudio. Through establishing an accurate baseline of PC power usage organizations can apply centralized power saving policies which deliver drastic reductions in electricity costs and CO2 emissions. And with the powerful reporting engine Acquantia, you can produce rich, entirely customizable reports in seconds to prove to the business the cost and carbon savings being made.


 The intelligent software design means that organizations do not need to worry about the age-old problem of lost productivity, the flexible policies can be applied without impacting users or requiring IT support. The granular power-saving policies means that organizations can save as much as 40%* more than built-in power management features (*Ovum).

Certero is the leading supplier of PC power management software to the NHS, with PowerStudio being used across hundreds of thousands of assets to dramatically reduce electricity bills and carbon emissions.


PowerStudio has been awarded two prestigious awards: the Building Better Healthcare award recognizes the solution’s ability to drastically reduce carbon emissions and the 2degrees award for short-term payback highlights the solution’s fast ROI.