Reduce password related calls by 30%* with Passworks

With Passworks, organizations can now address this problem of lost productivity by allowing users to reset their passwords safely and securely; saving thousands of pounds on associated password reset costs and have the ability to report and compare the number of times passwords are reset either as a self-service action or by an administrator.
Passworks now provides multi-lingual capabilities and runs on the AssetStudio Platform, with a single, familiar user interface for many asset management functions that run optimally together as an holistic solution across the Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Main Features

  • Passworks is an easy to use self-service solution that will help you to significantly reduce the costs associated with resetting Mac OS X and Windows Active Directory passwords.
  • Users can securely reset their own password and continue working, lowering user downtime and freeing up valuable help desk resources
  • Passworks utilises Web technologies and can be administered using any modern Web-browser.
  • Administrators can define user registration and reset policies, configure alerting options and manage, deploy and configure the Passworks Client, all from a simple to use Web console.
  • Through a simple change to the Login screen, users can quickly launch the Passworks Wizard and reset their password.
  • A number of password reset tools require that users access a Web interface to reset their password. With Passworks users can reset their password from the Windows & Mac OS X Login Screen without having to use another PC or Mac.
  • Using a simple challenge/response technique of users picking and answering a series of questions, users can securely reset their Active Directory password without having to contact your service desk