Multilingual support enables organizations to roll out a single installation of the solution globally and for the end users to interact with the tool in their own language.This is achieved by users simply selecting their chosen language when they first register with Passworks and from then on the entire experience is in the appropriate language.This helps organizations that span wide geographical areas to serve and communicate easier with users whilst maintaining an holistic view of automated password reset activity.

  • Reset user passwords through the Web interface just like the ‘AD Users and computers snap-in’, without delegation of ‘Account Operator’ or ‘Domain Admin’ privileges
  • Advanced client-push technology for easy deployment
  • Answers stored using one-way encryption
  • Works with third party encryption software
  • Compatible with all Windows and Mac OS X versions from 2000 upwards including server operating systems and 64-bit versions of Windows

  • No need to use someone else’s computer
  • Register once from any PC or Mac
  • Fully encrypted client/server communication
  • Display your company logo on the Windows and Mac OS X login screen
  • Integration with third party encryption tools such as Sophos Safeguard solid
  • Active Directory integration
  • Easy integration with any number of domains

  • A full audit trail of self-service and administrator password reset activity is provided
  • Add/edit/delete questions that your users can choose from during registration
  • Set the number of allowed attempts before users are blocked
  • View password reset reports by organizational unit
  • Fully supported in Citrix/Terminal Services/Thin Client environments