Controlling the purchase and installation of your software is obviously a necessary first step in a SAM programme, but it is important that you don’t stop there. It is vital that you understand how your software is being used across the organization as this will deliver benefits in a number of areas:

  • Improved security – discovering unauthorized software that could cause a security problem
  • Reduced costs – uncover software that is not being used that can be re-harvested
  • Optimized licenses – ensure users have the correct license type for their job
  • Increased productivity – identify software that is not appropriate during work hours

The AssetStudiofor Windows & Mac OS AppsMonitor module’s approach to measuring software usage is unique and highly efficient, measuring the usage of all software:

  • On premise
  • In the Cloud
  • Internal Web-Apps

All the time, without requiring configuration. It provides a clear view of what has and hasn’t been used. It aggregates software usage on a daily basis and records the important information such as ‘has the software been used, by ‘who’, ‘when’ and on ‘what’ device. Statistics are calculated automatically to show usage over 3, 6 and 12 month periods or any other user-defined period that may be required.

The data collected is transformed into meaningful business intelligence via the in-built reporting engine. Decisions can be made safely to re-harvest software and the organization’s true operational software requirement be understood.

  • Single source of accurate information – on software usage across the organization
  • Out-of-the-box support for virtualization platforms – delivers accurate and comprehensive usage information across your virtualized environments
  • Monitors the usage of all cloud apps – all of the time and does not require a specific list of applications to be pre-defined to be effective
  • Automatically calculates statistics daily – to show usage over 3, 6 and 12 months periods, as well as any other period that you may require
  • Can identify unused software – by device, user or a combination of the two, allowing organizations to re-harvest the software license, to use in other parts of the business, reducing unnecessary software spend. In-built, powerful reporting capability with easy-to-use UI quickly turns raw data into meaningful management information
  • Supports Software License Optimization (SLO) – to reduce costs going forward on software – typically equates to as much as 30% (Forrester)

With the AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS AccessCtrl module organizations are now in full control. Application access can be defined on factors such as user, location, device name, IP address and firewall settings, providing complete control over what can be executed, from where, and when.