Automated software delivery and removal for Windows & Mac applications

The AssetStudio for Windows & Mac Os distribution module provides remote software delivery which, when combined with other modules such as AssetStudio inventory or other AssetStudio platform products like App-Centre, enables organizations to take advantage of additional automation by automatically targeting computers based on pre-defined criteria.

It integrates with Microsoft SCCM to protect any investment you have mdae in that product, enabling a fast and simple-to-use software distribution solution.

With the extensive asset information provided by the AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS distribution module, organizations can automatically target computers based on pre-defined criteria:

Logging at both client and delivery job level provides simple progress and error checking

Enables quick problem determination and analytical information helping in both speedy resolution of problems and identifying key areas of improvements

  • Reboot and shutdown capability to allow installation of packages outside of business hours without leaving computers switched on
  • Dynamic and static grouping of assets allows simplified targeting of systems

  • Simple-to-use interface means that all areas of the IT Department can use and draw value from the tool
  • Reduce the need for desk-side visits and guarantee the consistency of installed applications to increase first-time fix rate, saving valuable time and resources