A common driver for the purchase of an ITAM tool is to get visibility of all hardware and software assets across the infrastructure.

Many vendors rely on a primitive method for taking feeds from one inventory solution to another providing a point in time snapshot with a pre-defined frequency. However, asking questions from two separate products may result in two different answers; which source do you know is correct? Would you be confident making decisions on this information?

For organizations without an existing inventory tool or those moving towards SLO but have limited trust in their traditional tool, there is an answer.

As well as the highest quality inventory data, the AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS inventory module seamlessly integrates with the AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS licensing module, without the need for any manual configuration. This delivers seamless and consistent information in real-time – critical for SLO.

The AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS inventorymodule removes the need for expert guidance and training, providing advanced ITAM information out-of-the-box. The advanced inventory provides the highest levels of detailed software and hardware information to make sure the data is the best you can get including correct CPUs, Versions and Editions.

The AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS inventorymodule collates accurate information on hardware and software including peripherals, operating systems, system folders, active directory information, servers and features, data groups, domain groups, chassis, processors, networks including determining physical and all manner of virtual assets to ensure total accuracy that is critical to establishing a safe, trusted license position. Its data connectors enable it to collect information from any existing ITAM or ITSM tool you may have.

Whenever an important event occurs, AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS can alert the stakeholders to ensure you are always informed and taking proactive action. For example, if RAM is missing, a new system is added to the network or a printer toner is running low, the system can automatically send you an alert.

AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS inventory supports all major virtualization technologies including HP, VMware, Windows, Citrix, Oracle, IBM and Linux.

It also includes cloud-enabled management: Organizations can now manage devices in remote locations that are not connected to the corporate network to ensure your inventory information is always accurate.

Whether your focus is inside or outside of the datacentre the agent and agent-less technology can handle both, simultaneously and across any platform including Windows, Mac, Linux & UNIX.

With the AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS powerful, yet simple-to-use User Interface, organizations can manage different modules and products as a single, seamless solution. The dashboard is fully customizable, so relevant ‘widgets’ can be saved to create your own personal dashboard. As projects or job roles change your dashboard can too with easy configuration, so the relevant information a user needs most is always presented immediately, saving time and providing a smooth user experience.

With near-real time access to information about the state of your computer’s hardware and software, the AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS inventorymodule allows you to do more than just reactively monitor status:

  • Proactively manage software usage, actively resolve issues and analyze changes across the network
  • Store all software changes making it easy for you to identify license up/downgrades, removals, when they occurred and who made them
  • Integrated and intuitive reporting allows IT, finance, procurement and asset managers to create realistic plans and future budgets based on actual usage and real needs
  • Customizable alerts inform administrators ahead of time when thresholds are being reached, informing pro-active asset management