Enables Software License Optimization (SLO) to reduce costs.

Discovering and making an inventory of all the software your organization uses is a vital first step in understanding your effective license position (ELP). You now need to make sense of all this information (which for a typical organization can be many thousands of titles). Then, you will be able to match your entitlements against installed software, identify any non-compliance and optimize your position going forward.

The AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS licensing module is a universal licensing solution that enables you to create and maintain an ELP for any software vendor. The meaningful and rich information it provides will allow you to develop a proactive approach to SAM and SLO, minimizing non-compliance and the risk from vendor audit. It covers:

  • Software identification and normalization – with its comprehensive and built-in software recognition database (SRDB) and vendor licensing rules intelligence, it will quickly identify, clean, categorize and normalize all software in your inventory in a concise manner.
  • Entitlement– automatically import or manually update your license entitlements. Provides a central repository of all your agreements, publishers and suppliers enabling you to reconcile entitlements with installed software.
  • Optimize– use the stored data and rich reporting to quickly work out what you are entitled to and optimize your license position to reduce costs going forward

  • Universal licensing management solution for any software vendor
  • Specific licensing modules for Microsoft and Adobe
  • Easily manage desktop and server licenses in both physical and virtual environments
  • Integrated, in-depth and easy-to-use reporting provides BI which can help justify investment and gain support from senior management for SAM and SLO

  • Microsoft – Central tool for recording license information: store entitlement data such as license agreements, enrolments and entitlements, purchase information and physical evidence. Store detailed licensing information for all installed Microsoft software including operating system, named users and CALs as well as status on service packs. Offers one-click upload of a Microsoft Licensing Statement (MLS).
  • Adobe– automates entitlement-based license management by reconciling Adobe license entitlements you have purchased with actual application installation and usage data. Provides management support for Adobe Creative Cloud licenses to help prevent over licensing and unnecessary costs.