A Gartner report has stated that “90% of successful attacks occurred against previously known vulnerabilities where a patch or secure configuration standard was already available.”*

So a robust patch management strategy is key to creating a successful network defence as the vast majority of threats are ones for which there are security patches available.

*Source: Managing the Next Generation of Client Computing,’ Terrance Cosgrove, Gartner.

The AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS patching module lets you scan computers for required software updates, report on the findings and automate the downloading and distribution of required updates for Windows software through a simple user interface.

  • Mitigate the threat posed by the most vulnerable Windows applications by automating the detection and facilitating the remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Generate reports and analytics on which patches have been installed, where and when, through the easy to understand charts and graphs
  • Easy integration with Microsoft WSUS for easy deployment of third-party updates

The AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS patching module can assist organizations in meeting security needs by automating the detection and remediation of security vulnerabilities in Windows Operating Systems and associated applications.

  • Identify and target specific machines to assess vulnerabilities and schedule updates to minimize risk and save valuable time and resources
  • Automate and optimize the patching process
  • Reduces service interruptions and the time required to perform patch-related updates with the software

  • Automatically installs missing security patches to protect your network
  • Boost your Internet, network and endpoint security
  • Minimize risk and save invaluable time and resources