Statistical Forest Inventory
The aim of the statistical forest inventory is to provide comprehensive information about the state and dynamics of forests for strategic and management planning. Field-Map has a full functionality to support any type of statistical forest inventory. The Russian National Forest Inventory (the largest NFI programme worldwide) is one of the best examples of the Field-Map capacity to manage extensive databases and support multiple field teams. Other NFI programs using Field-Map are Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iceland, Cape Verde, Belgium, Hungary and Ukraine.

The above mentioned inventory programs demonstrate that the use of the Field- Map technology in statistical forest inventory optimizes the costs and accuracy of the collected data and final results. Even in cases with a relatively low number of inventory plots, the data evaluation often yields a desired accuracy of the final results while optimizing the costs of the whole NFI inventory campaign. For this, specifically effective has been the statistical data processing by Field-Map, which dramatically reduced the time for data processing and reporting..

 Forest Management Planning
Field-Map offers support for forest management planning. It includes full functionality in collecting information about forest stands in the field, forest mapping, data management, data reports and special calculations for forestry plans.

 Timber Volume assessment
There are projects where mapping is not required and only attributes are collected. An example of such project may be standing volume assessment. Unlike the conventional approach of measuring only DBH and height, with Field-Map it is even possible to measure the entire stem profile. For further data evaluation, the user can use common database management systems or use the external Field-Map module Dendro that has been specially designed for tree data.

 3D forest structure
Trees, coarse woody debris and other ecosystem components can be fully described in 3 dimensional space. This makes data ready for computing crown volumes and surfaces, deadwood volumes, canopy closure, etc.

 Tree stem profile measurement, timber assortments

 Assessment of game impact to forest vegetation
Forest stands in Europe are often subjected to damage caused by forest game. Impact of forest game can influence success of forest regeneration and quality of wood in forest stands. Assessment of damage to forest stands caused by game is often part of forest inventory. Sometimes there are also special thematic projects in this field. Field-Map technology is usually used for navigation to the plots, collecting data in the field and also for data management, evaluation and for preparation of final reports.

 Forest health monitoring
Forest health monitoring is an integral part of forest management. Surveys of forest health state are run regularly in many countries and forest districts. Technology Field-Map is usually used for developing of grid of forest monitoring plots, field navigation, tree measurement, data collecting and data management.

 Carbon in terrestrial ecosystems
As the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration globally rises, so does the urgency to mitigate greenhouse effects. The enhancement of ecosystem capacity to sequester carbon represents one of the methods to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. 
Carbon offset forestry programs depend on accurate and cost-effective biomass assessment and monitoring. Field-Map technology has been used in a number of projects for estimation of carbon stock budgets and monitoring of forest carbon stock changes. The capacity of the Field-Map system to integrate information from different remote sensing sources with the in-situ measurements ensures the maximum productivity of the inventory projects focused on growing stock, biomass and carbon stock estimation. Furthermore, the experience from the Field-Map projects executed in Uganda and Malaysia shows that such technology is also user friendly. After two weeks training the local experts were able to use the technology for biometric measurements in the tropical forest, resulting in estimation of ecosystem carbon stocks. Capacity building is one of the important aspects of Field-Map projects. The field measurements cannot be done without the knowledge of local conditions. Therefore the field teams always include local experts who first master the technology and then carry out the projects.

 Nature protection
As nature protection manager you can use Field-Map for a detailed mapping of all objects concerned. A unigue system for repeated measurements built-in in Field-Map allows to record changes and development in nature systems. With Field-Map technology software you can manage multiple types of geographic data. Functions and routines allow to analyse the data easily produce user-defined reports.

 Environmental management
Data about the state and development of nature objects are necessary for any activity in environmental management. Field-Map offers high efficiency in field data collecting and comprehensive functionality in data management and presentation.

Use of Field-Map allows to manage agriculture resources. With field mapping functionality it is easy to map areas, roads, line and point objects. Standard GIS funkcions allows analyze and visualize agricultural environments and workflows. Data management funkcions allow to analyze data and find answers for many questions for practical farm managers and agricultural scientists.

 Water resources
Technology Field-Map was used e.g. for mapping of water resources both linear and point. Implementation of Field Map technology in this area also includes mapping flooding areas, river beds, vegetation along rivers and others.

 Urban planning
GIS information is important for urban planning in many ways. Field-Map offers fast routines for collecting of spatial for urban objects like parcels, parks, zones, transportation networks, point objects and many more. Powerfull routines for data management allows to process and analyse the collected data.

GIS information is necessary for planning and mapping of different industrial objects. It could be different linear objects, point objects, zones and polygons. Field-Map technology offers all necessary functions and tools for such tasks.

Surveying is one of the main applications of Field-Map technology. During mapping in the field you can easily collect all necessary information on the mapped objects. Surveying has a broad use in all industries connected with nature where real time GIS mapping is important - agriculture, forestry, nature protections, building, urban planning and many more. Field - Map mapping functions and database management gives you a better way to easily collect, manage, and analyze your survey data.

 General GIS
Field-Map provides also functions nad tools for general GIS tasks with geographical data - input, manipulation, management, query, analysis nad visualisation. In addition to this Field-Map provides many other functions for real-time GIS, input of data from measurement devices, data analysis and data mining, basic and advanced reporting.