RidgeBot Brings Affordable Pen Tests to your Organization

Many organizations utilize security testing (a.k.a penetration testing) to validate the security posture of their network. In such a test, the security tester takes on the role of a hacker and tries his/her best to break into the organization’s IT environment. The purpose is to find any vulnerabilities and determine how the vulnerabilities could be exploited in a real-world hacker attack. The underlying idea is that a good security test should reveal how an attacker could work his/her way through the organization’s systems before it actually happens. Proper penetration testing helps organizations address issues in a more man- ageable and cost-effective way.

However, nowadays, attackers are always developing new exploits and attack methods, and often using machine learning (ML) to launch attacks automatically. Enterprises’ secu- rity teams and professional “penetration testers” are under tremendous pressure to keep up.

Ridge Security is changing this game with RidgeBOT, an intelligent security validation Robot. RidgeBOT is modeled with a collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits, and equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques. RidgeBOT acts like a real attacker, relentlessly locates, exploits, and documents their findings. RidgeBOT automates penetration testing, making it affordable with the ability to run at scale. They work within a defined scope and instantly replicates to address highly complex structures.

Ridge Security enables enterprises and web application teams, DevOps, ISVs, govern- ments, healthcare, education, anyone responsible for ensuring software security, to afford- ably and efficiently test their systems.

RidgeBOT provides continuous security validation services. It assists security testers in overcoming knowledge and experience limitations and always performs at a top-level. The shift from the manual-based, labor-intensive testing to machine-assisted automation alleviates the current severe shortage of security professionals. It allows human security experts to let go of daily labor-intensive work and devote more energy to the research of new threats and new technologies.

  • Improve Security test coverage and efficiency
  • Reduce the cost of security validation
  • Continuosly protect the IT environment
  • Produce actionable and reliable results for different stakeholders
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