Certero PowerStudio

PowerStudio® is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide web-based PC Power Management Solution. This is a complete solution that has no dependencies on third-party products (i.e. Microsoft SCCM). By applying centralized computer power policies organizations can reduce their carbon footprint and save thousands on Electricity bills. PowerStudio® provides an accurate baseline figure of PC power usage including the ability to remotely shutdown and wake PC clients and intelligently saves and reloads applications and documents. Reporting options within PowerStudio® are flexible and easy to use, organizations can dynamically report on usage to produce easy-to-understand reports that can be updated to ensure maximum savings.

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PowerStudio Highlights

  • Accurate PC Energy Consumptions Values
  • Personalised Dynamic Reporting that comes as part of Power Studio
  • Flexible Power Schemes and PC Power Management Profiles
  • Simple to use web console that deploys the agent, groups PC's and applies policies
  • Involve the User Community in Power Saving
  • Securely Manage Documents
power studio hightlight

PowerStudio Business Benefits

  • Return on Investment in the Region of Months
  • Complete Solutions
  • Involve the User Community
  • Save Thousands on Electricity
  • Reduce CO2 and Comply with Government Legislation