Certero AssetStudio

Certero AssetStudio® - Enterprise Software Asset Management Solution

AssetStudio® covers all of the critical elements: Inventory, Software Delivery, and License Management and Compliance allowing organizations to gain an accurate picture of their software estate. Enabling the comprehensive management of Virtualized and Thin Client environments the solution offers a unique automation process to provide a real-time Effective License Position (ELP). With Certero SoftwareMetering for Decision Makers® organizations can progress to an Optimized License Position (OLP) by detecting and removing duplicate and unnecessary licenses and harvesting unused licenses for future use.

Software Asset Management Highlights

  • Management of dynamic virtualised assets (servers and PC's) simplifying software licence management and compliance
  • Comprehensive Software Recognition and Reconciliation
  • High level of automation enabling a Real time Effective Licence Position (ELP) by organisation, vendor, product, entitlement
  • Microsoft MLS (Claret) report import with licence normalisation
  • Comprehensive dynamic report generation
  • Ability to collate and upload inventory information on systems not on a network
  • Collate information on any Microsoft SQL server instances (version, processor type, edition)
  • Navigate between network devices via the click of the mouse
  • High performance (20,000 clients from an average server) with minimal network traffic
  • Remote deployment of application packages with silent software installation
  • Wake on LAN, reboot and shutdown capability to allow installation of packages outside business hours without leaving computers switched on
  • Dynamic and Static grouping of assets allows simplified targeting of systems and reporting
  • Simple to use administration from any web browser
  • Ability to add and report on your own custom fields, e.g. Cost, Purchase Date
  • Policy based archiving - Archiving of assets without deletion. Retaining asset records for up to date internal cost control and keeping track of your own compliance with reports.
  • Easy integration to ITSM (Service Management) products
  • Management of Thin Client environments, simplifying software licence management and compliance
  • Multi discovery network techniques that builds the network accurately