Information Security Solutions

Security solutions are not just a one-time event but it needs to be constantly aligned with business objectives and goals.

Web applications and sensitive corporate information are increasingly vulnerable and potential open door to attack by hackers. Organizations have no choice but to deploy technology that specifically secure these critical resources from attack. IshanTech security assessment is customized for your specific needs. Our services review and analyze many different subject areas to ensure that both IT and business functions are headed the same direction.

IT Distributor Malaysia


Risk Assessment
International Standards Compliance
IT Architecture Design & Review
Attack & Penetration
Web Application Security
Security Code Review (SC)
Wireless Security
Host Security (End Point Security)
Database Security
Incident Response

IT Distributor Malaysia


Organizational Information Security Strategy
Organizational Policy Procedures & Definition
Secure Technical Design

Cyber Security Malaysia


Perimeter Security
Content Security
Intrusion Prevention
Secure Authentication (PKI)
Secure Remote Access
Enterprise Application Infrastructure
Operating System Hardening and Baselining
Patch & Update Management
Total Disk Encryption