Infrastructure Security Services

IshanTech offers a range of security services aimed at providing your organisation with the confidence and assurance that your IT infrastructure is not only capable of defending against real world attacks, but also aligned with industry best practices and vendor recommended security guidelines.

Our Approach

Creating a secure IT infrastructure requires access to highly specialised knowledge of a wide range of technologies and experience simulating advanced attacks against organisations. With this knowledge IshanTech can help your organisation implement a strategic defence to protect its critical information.

IshanTech offers a wide range of infrastructure security services designed to meet your specific needs, and we invite you to explore a sample of our infrastructure security services.

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Vulnerability assessments

Vulnerability assessments will identify known vulnerabilities with the network, operating system, web application framework, and web servers through the use of automated scanning tools. The results can give you an overall picture of the vulnerabilities present on your network and assist in vulnerability risk management.

Vulnerability assessment will be performed from within the internal network to simulate internal attacks. Assuming the first line of perimeter defence using firewalls and routers is compromised, these tests will address any residual weaknesses associated with the local servers, identifying any internal access points and insecure hosts or workstations. This gives an indication of whether the internal network is resilient to external hacker and insider attacks.

Network Architecture Review

IshanTech reviews your organisation’s network architecture diagrams and relevant documentation, then conducts a discussion with key people to get a complete understanding of your network architecture.

At the start of the review, we shall perform a network architecture review cum risk assessment to identify the likely threats. We shall review the network architecture to determine whether the existing security framework is adequately designed to address major security issues such as integrity, confidentiality, and resiliency to attacks. We shall also identify potential network congestion points that may hinder the scalability of the network, single point of failures that may affect the availability of the network and provide practical recommendations to overcome them.

System and Device Hardening

IshanTech will determine how well your organisation’s systems and devices align with industry standards and vendor security guidelines, and how well it can defend your organisation’s information during a penetration test. System and device hardening reviews are intended to uncover vulnerabilities in configuration, unnecessary network services, the use of insecure technologies, vulnerable software versions, and weaknesses in protecting your organisation’s information.