IT Infrastructure Services

Our IT infrastructure services include a range of activities and technologies that support the management and operation of an organization's IT infrastructure.

Hardware Supply And Maintenance

IshanTech is an experienced hardware provider. We have been successfully supplying hardware devices to a broad spectrum of organizations. We are capable to provide advice on the most suitable hardware for your IT and communications’ requirements. We also ensure that the necessary hardware maintenance and support services are provided to our customers.

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Network Services And Maintenance

IshanTech can install, implement and configure your network and will also provide support if required. We also provide a range of managed services to ensure that our clients understand, identify and control the security risks they face. It is not always clear what the best option is and we always advise our customers to take into consideration many factors such as the size of their organization, its existing infrastructure, growth plans and a host of other factors. IshanTech will maintain all aspects of your organization’s IT and Communications Network.

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Software Development

With experience that spans Windows PC-based components, Linux platforms and Unix systems, our experts know what works on what hardware. With recent technological advances, high performance software is now available on low cost hardware, so we are able to deliver solutions tailored to meet your budget. Our experience enables IshanTech to provide you with the best customized solutions, whether we are delivering a full project to completion, or helping you design an efficient interactive module to suit your organizations needs.

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