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Cleafy innovative threat detection and protection technology is available in an open and flexible platform that can be easily adopted to address several needs for protecting your online services and users

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McAfee is the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company. Inspired by the power of working together, McAfee creates enterprise and consumer solutions that make our world a safer place for the benefit of all. Our holistic, automated, and open security platform and cloud-first approach to building security solutions allow all your products to coexist, communicate, and share threat intelligence with each other anywhere in the digital landscape.

Where machine automation is converged with human intelligence so you can streamline workflows more efficiently. Where your team is freed from unnecessary operational burden and is empowered to strategically fight adversaries. Where you can orchestrate all things security on premises and in the cloud through a single Management system. Where all your security products adapt to new threats skillfully and work synergistically to increase protection—and speed up detection and correction—across the entire threat defense lifecycle.

Software Provider
Search Inform
Search Inform

Managing Internal Track

SearchInform helps your company fulfil its risk management program, facilitate regulatory compliance and investigation processes, prevent corporate fraud, and detect employee abnormal behavior.


All the tools and features you need to keep your company protected and solve the most complex monitoring issues.

Holm Security
Holm Security

Cloud based vulnerability management

Market leading and comprehensive cloud based platform for automated and continuous vulnerability assessment. The platform is suitable for all industries, no matter the size of the organization, and scans for an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities in networks, systems, web applications, APIs, cloud services, and cloud infrastructure. Local scanning is done using one or several Scanner Appliances that are installed in your virtual environment.

Cloud administration

Manage the service easily and efficiently with our web-based control panel Security Center, were you, your colleagues, and IT partner work with vulnerabilities. Larger organizations and partners are offered the possibility to create their own structure with several Security Centers with the help of our tool web based portal Organizer

Powerful tools & features

Includes several powerful tools that enable you to effectively work with vulnerabilities, whether you have a smaller number or thousands, such as Asset Management, Vulnerability Manager, Continuous Monitoring, and remediation


Offers a number of possibilities for integrations with other solutions. The Platform API makes it possible to integrate with e.g. CI/CD and SIEM products. There are also ready-made solutions for integration with e.g. Jira and Slack. You can also
use Webhooks for integration with a variety of systems.


  • Complete cloud-based platform for vulnerability management of networks, systems and web application, API:s, cloud services and cloud infrastructure.
  • Over 68 000 vulnerability tests
  • Vulnerability Manager – administration of vulnerabilities
  • Asset Management – automated asset management
  • Continuous Monitoring – automated monitoring of vulnerabilities, changes and compliance
  • Integration with Jira, Slack and Webhooks
  • API for programmatic integration with e.g. SIEM and CI/CD products
  • Extensive login security, e.g. combinations of 2FA and trusted networks
  • Traceability with audit log
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Detailed device register (servers, computers, etc.)
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Reports in a variety of formats such as PDF, HTML and CSV
  • Compliance reports for PCI, GDPR, NIS, OWASP, ISO/IEC 27001, PDPA, HIPAA and SOX
  • CIS benchmarks (Center for Internet Security)
  • Automated and policy-based remediation
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Splunk is the first security in the world that use the Data-to-Everything Platform designed to remove the barriers between data and action, so that everyone thrives in the Data Age. Their empowering IT, DevOps and security teams to transform their organizations with data from any source and on any timescale.

splunk protect

Privacy, Security, Compliance

Splunk is dedicated to keeping your data secure and private — adhering to global and industry compliance initiatives.

Splunk Ventures is guided by three core principles:

  • Transformative innovation is only possible with a strong ecosystem
  • Great teams that change the world are made up of diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • We have an obligation to use data for the good of society
Software Provider

splunk > Cloud

The flexible, secure and cost-effective data platform service.

splunk > Enterprise

Real-Time Visibility

Automatic, indexing and alerting of machine data that’s critical to your operations

Data Source Agnostic

no matter the source or format splunk can uncover the actionable insights from all your data.

AI & Machine Learning

For proactive business decisions Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning

Software Provider

splunk > On-Call

splunk > Infrastructure Monitoring

Instant Value With 200+ Integrations and OOB Dashboards

Visibility into your entire cloud stack at scale

Reduce MTTD with issues detected in real-time

splunk > Enterprise Security

Reduce Time to Detect

Streamline Investigations

Faster Time to Value

splunk > Phantom

Work Smarter

Respond Faster

Strengthen Your Defenses

splunk > User Behavior Analytics

Advanced Threat Detection

Discover abnormalities

Higher ProductivityAccelerate Threat Hunting

stitching of hundreds of anomalies to a single threat

Anomaly or Threat

Deep investigative capabilities and powerful behavior baselines on any entity

splunk > APM

Use All Your Data

Detect any problem and issue before it turns into a customer problem

Act on Your Data, in Seconds

Reduce MTTR with our real-time

Free Your Code

Flexible, open-source instrumentation eliminates lock-in

Certeo Asset Studio
Certero AssetStudio

Certero AssetStudio® - Enterprise Software Asset Management Solution

AssetStudio® covers all of the critical elements: Inventory, Software Delivery, and License Management and Compliance allowing organizations to gain an accurate picture of their software estate. Enabling the comprehensive
management of Virtualized and Thin Client environments the solution offers a unique automation process to provide a real-time Effective License Position (ELP). With Certero SoftwareMetering for Decision Makers® organizations
can progress to an Optimized License Position (OLP) by detecting and removing duplicate and unnecessary licenses and harvesting unused licenses for future use.

Software Asset Management Highlights

  • Management of dynamic virtualised assets (servers and PC's) simplifying software licence management and compliance
  • Comprehensive Software Recognition and Reconciliation
  • High level of automation enabling a Real time Effective Licence Position (ELP) by organisation, vendor, product, entitlement
  • Microsoft MLS (Claret) report import with licence normalisation
  • Comprehensive dynamic report generation
  • Ability to collate and upload inventory information on systems not on a network
  • Collate information on any Microsoft SQL server instances (version, processor type, edition)
  • Navigate between network devices via the click of the mouse
  • High performance (20,000 clients from an average server) with minimal network traffic
  • Remote deployment of application packages with silent software installation
  • Wake on LAN, reboot and shutdown capability to allow installation of packages outside business hours without leaving computers switched on
  • Dynamic and Static grouping of assets allows simplified targeting of systems and reporting
  • Simple to use administration from any web browser
  • Ability to add and report on your own custom fields, e.g. Cost, Purchase Date
  • Policy based archiving - Archiving of assets without deletion. Retaining asset records for up to date internal cost control and keeping track of your own compliance with reports.
  • Easy integration to ITSM (Service Management) products
  • Management of Thin Client environments, simplifying software licence management and compliance
  • Multi discovery network techniques that builds the network accurately