Cyber Security Company

Information Security Solutions

Security solutions are not just a one-time event but it needs to be constantly aligned with business objectives and goals…

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Cyber Security Solutions

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

Our consultants use an exhaustive methodology that clearly points out the weaknesses and deficiencies, from a security standpoint, in any given system…

Password Management

Enterprise Security Audit

An Enterprise security audit involves a review of all processes and practices followed by an organization looking to ensure enterprise-wide security…

Cyber Security Solutions

Security Code Review (SC)

A security code review assignment involves the rigorous testing of the existing application source code for programming and structural…

Cyber Security Solutions

Application Security Audit

Our consultant would conduct an Application security audit by testing applications remotely over the Internetfor security holes…

ESET Endpoint Solutions

Penetration Testing (PT)

Penetration testing is the testing of networks and their components for security weaknesses…

ESET Endpoint Solutions

Penetration Testing Services

A penetration test exposes organisational weaknesses through techniques sometimes referred to as ethical hacking…

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Eset internet security

Infrastructure Security Services

IshanTech offers a range of security services aimed at providing your organisation with the confidence and ….

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Software Compliance

Security Consulting and Advisory

Leverage our knowledge and experience working with small and large organisations across multiple industries….

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PC Power Management

Next Generation Security Operation Center (SOC)

Global organisations should carefully improve their cyber resilience and plan their security strategy, risk reduction and …

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